If you are new to my website, you may have noticed my page on retreats that I run for groups of practitioners who are looking to reconnect with their self-care.

You might be interested to know that I also run a range of programmes and retreats for private clients based on some of my specialist areas. This way of working is, somewhat, different from counselling and psychotherapy as it sometimes (not always) involves coaching but, certainly, is different to the weekly/fortnightly therapy session.

My offerings are as follows…

For couples:

I offer intensive therapy weekends for couples in crisis, who are having trouble identifying their problem(s) or agreeing on a way forward. Starting with a joint session, I then provide each person an individual session, before working as couple again. In this way, I help couples identify the key issues and support them in coming to an agreement about what direction to take their relationship. Sometimes, this leads to a commitment to work on their relationship in earnest and other times couples and are helped in their decisions to separate/divorce. Even if it is the latter, couples often benefit from counselling to keep things amicable - especially if there are children involved.

I also offer intensive therapy weekends to couples who have not had sex for some time and would like to re-instate some intimacy in their lives but - perhaps - find that they can’t seem to initiate this, and/or talk about the subject in a satisfactory way. Some couples find that the topic of sex grows into such a problematic area that they can’t even say the word anymore. It will be different for each couple and sometimes couples are looking for some variation in their sex lives or greater intimacy. Intensive therapy in this area involves both individual and couple sessions and can lead to initiating/engaging in some physical touch/intimacy - or not - this is up to each individual/couple to decide. If you would like to have therapy that leads to some physicality/body work, this is conducted in a safe, respectful environment and is based on gentle tantric practices to foster emotional connection, touch and intimacy. Related activities are conducted in the therapy session itself and also in private during the weekend - depending on the couple.

My intensive therapy weekends are bespoke services and are offered in a selection of venues depending on requirements. You may want to stay in London and come to my practice in Bloomsbury for each of the days (Saturday and Sunday), or you may want to retreat to a countryside/seaside destination that I can arrange for you.

For individuals:

I offer intensive therapy weekends to individuals who have experienced significant abuse and/or trauma and feel overwhelmed with what has happened to them, so that they don’t know where to start in therapy. In my experience, clients who are in these situations sometimes believe that they have such a huge story to tell that the weekly therapy session isn’t long enough. I also find that some individuals are sick and tired of telling their story to people who don’t seem to understand them or what they’ve been through and they may have spent years going from one professional to the next telling their story and getting nowhere. It can be really helpful in these types of situations to purge in one go and then to work out a plan for therapy once the story is told. I have significant experience in abuse and trauma and am very interested in post-traumatic growth and how to support individuals to flourish beyond trauma.

These weekends are truly transformative.

If this is what you are looking for, I would be very happy to support you in what you desire.

Please call me on 07882464133 if you would like to discuss any of the above.

Finally, in addition to practitioner self-care retreats, I also run programmes for practitioners who are a seeking a container of support over a period of months (3, 6, 9 or 12). These comprise 1-2-1 support both on a regular basis in virtual sessions and attendance at live group retreats in the UK and abroad.