Finding a Therapist

Looking for a therapist can be a daunting prospect - how to find the right one for you? It can be hard work sifting through the pages of BACP's 'It's Good to Talk' and the Counselling Directory. How do you know who to choose? There are so many! 

Sometimes, clients contact me and tell me that they are shopping around for the right therapist. They will often contact several therapists and meet with a few to see if they are good fit for them. As a humanistic counsellor, I encourage this process because my way of working is relational and, largely, it depends on the quality of the therapeutic relationship (client factors like motivation are also important). Clients often know when they have met the right therapist for them because it feels right and their intuition tells them so. Clients who tell me I'm right for them say they feel comfortable, safe, held and contained, for example. They also might tell me that I'm good for them because of my level of qualifications or experience and/or because I challenge them.

Many clients also contact me and arrange a first session without any consultation beforehand. They might not know what they want from a therapist or have already done some intensive research to find one who fit all their main criteria. Other clients send me a few texts or emails and make their minds up from some small amount of communication that helps them decide.

Once you find a therapist who is right for you you can begin your therapeutic journey. Call me on 07882464133 or email on to see if we might be a good fit for the therapeutic work that you would like to embark upon.