practitioner self-care retreats, Exclusively for professionals

Retreat yourself…

Restorative retreats for all types of practitioners who want to relax, restore and replenish in beautiful environments, with experienced facilitators, offering small group work, healthy food and physical exercise. Considered, holistic attention to the body, mind and spirit.

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Valencia, Spain ~ 1st to 8th September 2019

Penzance, Cornwall ~ 12th to 15th September 2019

Tarifa, Spain ~ 16th to 23rd May 2020

Reconnect with your self-care…

…and emerge a fresher you.

Take time out to reconnect with your self-care…

This retreat is for any type of therapist or practitioner such as: retreat leaders, coaches, tutors, academics, speakers, social workers, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors and psychotherapists. As a busy practitioner myself, I understand the difficulties in confronting one’s own issues relating to exhaustion, burnout, compassion/empathy fatigue and/or vicarious trauma. When we are obligated to be our best selves in service to others, it can be a worry when work takes its toll and negotiating breaks from it all is not an easy thing to do - for so many reasons. We can allow ourselves to become overwhelmed with the fear of what will happen if we don’t keep on soldiering on and even martyr ourselves. But, I’m encouraging you to consider the consequences of not taking a break and looking after yourself, because how can we advise others to look after themselves if we don’t look after ourselves first?

My retreats provide nurturing spaces for you to take time to listen to your needs and work out how to meet them - to rest and relax and to recharge your batteries. Working in small groups, you will be in safe hands with experienced facilitators offering experiential and therapeutic group work to help you transform the way you self-care. If you find that self-care itself has become a chore and that you feel guilty for not doing all the things on your self-care list, then this is the retreat for you to change your way of thinking about self-care and making sure that burnout is a thing of the past. It’s not about telling you what to do or advocating a strict regime but rather it’s about getting yourself into a different energy space: it’s about transformation rather than information. So, come and join me in these beautiful spaces that I have selected in Spain and Cornwall - to treat yourself, create more of what you need and invite more joy into your life.



Come join me on my experiential retreat for people like you and me…

… transformation awaits!

I have a great deal of experience in facilitating groups, including group therapy and psycho-education in a variety of settings from prison drug-treatment programmes to high-end residential addiction treatment centres. I am a counselling supervisor and academic supervisor. For my doctoral research, I planned and developed a training programme for practitioners with reflective practice and reflexivity at its heart. I teach Humanistic Counselling Practice at Nottingham University, and enjoy facilitating experiential learning.

I work alongside other experienced practitioners in the field to provide a safe, supportive, contained space for group work. I have several trusted colleagues whom I have worked alongside for a number of years who bring their own perspectives on self-care for practitioners.


Thomas Thoroe

of Great Dane Yoga, London

Vinyasa Yoga


Lola Chesney

of Workout With Lola, online

Level 4 Personal Trainer & PN Certified Nutrition Coach

I have chosen a number of beautiful places to rest and revitalise.

You can take part in as little or as much as you like of what is on offer.

The retreats can be whatever you need at this time in your life.


The retreat in Valencia was simply divine. Such a stunning place, beautiful people, delicious food all helping me reconnect myself as one. Focusing and spending time on truly listening to my body and what it needs, totally transformed me. I can’t thank Laura, Thomas, Lindsay and all the retreat staff, for making me feel like we were all part of one big family adding to the experience. Everyone made me feel listened too, accepted and space to experience my inner self.
Thank you, Mandy
— Mandy, Service Manager
Having gone on a number of yoga retreats previously I was not quite sure what to expect from a retreat where there was an additional psychological component involving a person centred therapeutic approach.

The experience was wonderful for so many reasons;

There was incredible food from the Spanish chefs - Angel and Angel who lived up to their names producing heavenly tasting healthy vegetarian meals every evening, and the delicious brunches served by Elliot.

Doing yoga practice with Thomas, completing enlivening, awakening and opening yang practices in the mornings and relaxing, restorative Yin evening practices created a wonderful balance to the day.

The location was beautiful and the environment quickly felt like a home away from home due to the atmosphere created by Laura. Participating in the group work I felt seen and heard - and a real sense of group belonging. Laura provided a safe space where I felt cocooned and able to open up about current and past issues impacting on my stress levels and my emotional wellbeing . Things came up for me that were challenging and emotional to work through however by the end I felt like there was a clearing and cleaning out of ‘stuff’ that had been confusing or was impacting on me negatively.

In the retreat I found a period of incredibly useful reflection and processing time that has been transformative moving forwards in my life. I came away feeling reconnected with my self, and both inspired and empowered about my future. The retreat has been a catalyst to setting new intentions and making positive changes in how I live my life so I am living it from my authentic self. There has been more personal growth and development that I could have anticipated from one week away, as the benefits are beyond a wonderful week away to a lasting change within me on the inside and a change in my relationship to myself. These effects are wide ranging and continue to impact on my life daily in far reaching ways such as my connections and relationships with others, my communication with others, and how I am spending my time. While there is still stress in my job and in life the way I am approaching these things has shifted so that I am managing life feeling more in control and resilient.

I think so many professionals working in health, social care and charitable organisations would benefit from this retreat. The impact of any job where people give so much of themselves can have such a detrimental cost to the person giving. We are all at risk of burnout due to the stress involved in these type of roles. Taking time out for restoration and reflection is essential to stay well.

This retreat is for any professionals who:

- are feeling lost in life at the moment.
- are feeling stressed, exhausted and burnt out at work.
- want to feel better in their lives but don’t know how to look after themselves better.
- Are fed up of to-do lists of self-care activities that stress them out.
— Fran, Occupational Therapist